Above Musk, as he was a marijuana smoking, then Nasa


The Spanish Spatial Society will review a comprehensive security of SpaceX and Boeing private partners that develop Capsule for human transport to the International Spey Station, Washington PostSouth Westerly

It is expected that the survey will be launched next year and will last several months, where a number of tests and debates are held to examine the staff culture of both companies, William Gerstenmaier from NASA Human Resources Research Department.

However, the reason is: the behavior of the founder of SpaceX Elona Muska in a September interview with the comedian, Joey Rogan, when he was a whiskey and marijuana steal; smoking. Marijuana is legal in California, and Musko's actions "disturb some of the highest positions in Nasi and gave a broad overview of the culture of staff in companies," explained the sources. Washington postSouth Westerly

Our speaker Bob Jacobs he did not want to confirm this information, but stressed that they want all contractors to continue their high levels, including drug-free environment. "We expect our private partners to meet the safety requirements in the work environment according to our work and the actions they make for Americans. As usual, Nasa sure that these requirements will be fulfilled, "said Nasi VergeSouth Westerly

This is not the same Vitality this year, because of the tweet about & # 39; pulling away from Tesla from the stock market, he had to pull back from the Tesla roof.

But for the Boeing review, they have decided on other security issues that arise in the development of its & # 39; chasail, according to foreign media.

We are not sure we want to play with people. "If I see anything inappropriate, I have the responsibility for what he has given him and whether Nasa is involved. Not only that the Agency has its own management, but also our contractors. We have to look to the American citizen that the astronauts will be safe when we put them in the rocket, "said Nas Jim BridenstineSouth Westerly

At SpaceX, which already supplies NASA for NASA, they have placed a weight on its. Response that the development of human vessels ships is a key objective for their company and that they are; bringing this with most of its heritage and responsibility. Boeing also argued that the corporate culture is "to ensure the integrity, safety and quality of materials, staff and the work environment."

Dragon for human crew. PHOTO: Mike Blake / Reuters

SpaceX is developing Dragon Capsule for the human team, an updated version of the cargo car that has already been tested. It is a completely independent vessel with four large windows and seven seats. There are very few security systems. Starliner Boeing capsule is like a dragon. It is also suitable for renewable use, it has seven seats, completely automated and returning to the Earth on paralysis, not just for it; sea, but on a hard mare, so its base is surrounded by airbags that do released.

Initially, it was expected that a dragon would be free of demons this year, but this was suspended for a second year. It is expected that SpaceX caps will fly in January, and in March it will be a fan. Crew trials are currently scheduled for mid-next year.

Nasa chose the two partners in 2014, with Boeing signed a 3.7 million Euro contract and SpaceX 2.3 million. By doing this, Nasa stabbed his independence on the Russians, as the co-widow is the only way of traveling; for a place.

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Both companies had many problems in development. There was a boeing against fires burning in the emergency system. Safety surveys, as written in Washington Post, showed that some important tests were not fulfilled. SpaceX had problems with its parachute.

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