«Abu Dhabi Health»: 5 hazards of cancer behind cancer


The Health Department in Abu Dhabi identified five major dangers, including cancer, and & # 39; including high blood pressure indexes, poor fruits of fruit and vegetables, physical non-activity, and tobacco and alcohol misuse. Counting for 15% of all causes of death in Emirate from Abu Dhabi. It is a priority of border, cervical and rectal determinants for health; public, but they can be cure if they are detected early and treated effectively, indicating 70 centers for early cancer detection and; cover the emirate.

In addition, the Department confirmed that unparalleled food, excessive water drink, reduced the amount of red meat, meat on its process, and saturated fat and sugar products. reduce the risk of different types of cancer. In addition, stop the end of smoking and alcohol The main risks of lung disease, paryngeal, paragully and liver cancers.

She explained that regular exercise, 30 minutes a day, reduced the risk of growth of cancer, and increasing opportunities for survival. Some vaccines also help prevent, and # 39; HPV vaccination for women, cervical cancer prevention, hepatitis B vaccine, preventing hepatitis B, which causes light cancer, and early cancer infection Include changes in cells before they come into cancer.

The Department stressed that it works with a range of government, private and community departments within the framework of the Control of the Ali Plan in the Emirate to develop comprehensive plan strategies and is aimed at achieving & # 39 ; reducing cancer and dying of cancer, as well as reducing the risk of cancer. improving the quality of life of the injured people and helping them during and after their disease. The President includes the establishment of best-based evidence-based and worldwide-based programs for cancer control, care quality enhancement and improvement (early detection, diagnosis, treatment and mitigation care), Promoting health and awareness of priority activists such as chestnut, cervical and colone cancer As well as strengthening community support services and their / help early screening of cancer screening.

She noted her to launch initiatives and programs to achieve its aims and strategies, and # 39; including breastfeeding, cervical and rectal cancer, early prevention and detection of crude cancer, Abu Dhabi Central Cancer Registry, early cancer screening, cancer impairment care, Community capacity building.

Survivors' needs

According to the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, patients with medical, psychological and physical difficulties that have terminated cancer treatment have been different from one person to another and changes over time, saying that some behavior health contributes significantly to health reform and development,, The risk of re-illness, or a new type of cancer. Including regular exercise, diet development, non-smoking, loss of stress and obesity. Clinical tests have shown that exercise is heart development and lungs and a tired diminution associated with cancer among living people.

Tobacco use is the most important factor of cancer for cancer, which accounts for 22% of global deaths and 71% of global lung cancer deaths, the report said that 30% of cancer deaths are due to The five major behavioral and nutrient dangers.


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