Abyaar's loss rises 63% in C3 to KD 1.4 million


KUWAIT: Mubasher Abyaar Estates Development has increased 63.4% annually in the loss of the third quarter.

According to company results on Monday, a loss of 1.4 million dinars ($ 4.61 million), compared to a loss of around 857,000 dinars ($ 2.82 million) in the third quarter of 2017.

The company lost 1.46 Millions of dances in the first nine months of this year; 1.76 Millions of people for the same time last year, a decline in losing 17.1%South Westerly

The loss is in decline in the & # 39; The first nine months of this year has resulted in departmental income, lower debts and prepayments, as well as benefits from money, the company said in a statement.

The company lost 93% in the first half of this year to reach 62.5 thousand dinars; Against the loss of 904,000 dinars for the same time last year.


The increase in the cost of increasing human loss of Ajwan%.

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