Ac Ke Wenzhe won only over 3,000 votes. Zhou Yuxi was selected as a result of Taipei's data … – Speed ​​Media


  1. Acid Ke Wenzhe won more than 3,000 votes. Zhou Yuxi was selected to be informed by Taipei's Senior Seaman … Speed ​​Media
  2. Who is Taipei's warden who wants to vote for a re-election? Up to 92% of the 520,000 websites support "e" – Free Newspaper Politics
  3. Do not accept KMT subsidies! Ding Shouzhong builds money and his / her; pick up the ticket again.
  4. Ding Shouzhong: Poor crime on critical checks Local | Main News Radio News
  5. It is not permissible for Ke P. Wu Haoyang to become angry: I am the most unfair! │TVBS News TV News Network
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