AC Milan Forgotten Marcus Rashford Zlatan Ibrahimovic?


Little by little Marcus Rashford to shoot levels in the & # 39; Manchester United, even though it includes the speed of current football at & # 39; move, maybe it does not appear to be going fast. However, it is only 21 years old and the team's team has been greatly expanding.

This autumn from the English media was given to realize that the young talent would have been at risk of leaving for Real Madrid if it had no minutes from José Mourinho. Author 3 visitors in 18 games, the young strike would have a radar merengue.

However, obviously, more clubs are looking for and one of the things that can be a big one in Europe at times is low. Anyway depending on what he says Sky Sports, because this means that AC Milan I would have thought of it as another option for Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

After returning his threat, the Swede is likely to move from LA Galaxy, until the young Rashford is now an option for Lomb Lombards.

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