AC order! Sandro Wagner before leaving Bayern away – clubs appear to agree


The rumor mill rose from Monday, because Sandro Wagner had lost Bayern training. Now the fox is coming: Wagner's & # 39; leaving the Bavarian probably to China.

Updated from 29 January 2019, 10:54 f: So picture It is said that Wagner has been signed up to the contract.

According to the striker, Tuesday should go to Alicante (Spain) and have signed a two-year contract (15 million salary).

In Spanish sun, the Chinese club will prepare for the second half.

FC Bayern's confirmation should be on Wednesday.

Updated from 29 January 2019, 8:10 f: Bayern should agree that they agree to Tanjin Teda about the change. These reports Air now in the evening.

So, the German campaigns have a five billion barley collection for a 31-year attack.

AC order! Sandro Wagner before Bayern is immediately left – this mega remuneration goes out on

Updated from 29 January 2019, 15:28: A long farewell by Sandro Wagner from Bayern Munich has come to an end. The goal was to be a Tianjin Tianjin Teda club. And the society from the Far East Wagner should give very good reasons for movement: Sandro Wagner should earn 15 million earnings in two years. These reports picture, According to the report, the previous DFB player would have a & # 39; earning more than two years of China as a whole.

For the Bayern FC the money would be released five million euros. That would be a loss to the Bayern, which has just moved 13 million years ago to TSG Hoffenheim. There is at least questioning whether Munich is going to be involved.

Video: Sandro Wagner appears before he comes out

AC order! Sandro Wagner before taking a whole on her Bayern

On our message on 29 January 2019, 11.45am:

On 21 December, 2017, Sandro Wagner was taken over his face. The center continued to sign a contract with FC Bayern until the summer of 2020, which was returning to its youth club well. The 30-year-old said, proud: "I'm very happy. A long time to come to an end for me, I'm coming home to my club, in my country. I'm glad that everything is working out. "

Today, a good year after that, the Wagner world looks very different. He was not in Hoffenheim or in the home against VfB Stuttgart, which belonged to Munich to become a team of registered campaigners. Niko Kovac's day appears to be at the brawn-mounted center. And he gets even more beautiful: even lost & # 39; and their public training on Monday Wagner. Bayern did not want to comment on the reasons why Wagner was present.

Sandro Wagner may leave the Bavarian perhaps at once

by & # 39; tz-Information Wagner is already rescued from training for the following purposes: he should have changed to China. Changed Wagner! The Tianjin Teda Chinese team is trained by Uli Stielike German. An old friend of Wagner also plays with Felix Bastians. Both are familiar with each other from shared times at Hertha BSC. In the past, Wagner was offering East East, but they always refused.

Sandro Wagner may leave the Bavarian perhaps at once.

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Tianjin 500 million should be offered for Wagner – an offer of eight million euros below Wagner's purchase price from the previous winter. At that time, FCB moved 13 million euros to TSG Hoffenheim.

The change would only be logical. Jupp Heynckes was still building Wagner in the 2017/2018 season – and the attack returned. In 18 (775 minutes) it came up with nine goals and two help. The FCB appears to have been a striker to support Robert Lewandowski unconnected. Everything should be different under Kovac. Since he started to start work in the summer of 2018 on Wagner, he settled in Cròlann. So far, in the current season just two minutes (264 minutes) to set up, the only 31-year-old victory in the DFB Cup won the SV Rödinghausen regional league.

Sandro Wagner: At the end, everything was right in Munich

Wagner seems to have failed at the second attempt in Munich. Everything was like the first: Sandro and Mrs. came. Denise became parents for the third time in February 2018, and live in the bank of Unterhaching. Now, at least for his father, a new full farewell …

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In the absence of Sandro Wagner than Bavarians, Munich is a gap in the storm. To close this, FCB may be active in the winter in moving market. Your candidate is already listed on the list.

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