Acair – Monday, 18 February, 2019: the moon is in your other grandfather and turn on your mouth


Astrological News: Leo has a moon. It is the tallest day when the Aquarius sign is a come to an end in many countries and the fishermen start up. We are in the five-hour conversation and full moon full of February in Virgo mark. All the planets are just. Your ruler, the Uranus planet is in Aries.

You want to resolve the problem to everyone and so it's very busy or busy to attend touring, listening to complaints and requests, move from one place to another.

Friends, relatives, neighbors and staff will come to you so that you can help, guide, expand your awesome Aquarian genuine hands. Fortunately, you can do it and you will gain a reputation, you will strengthen your personal relationships and have a day of progress in everything you do.

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You get good news related to a person who is absent to make you happy because you can find out about something that will be disturbing you and then you're in a position. discover the truth of the situation. The converting or turning 180 unpredictable degrees gives you the wonderful situation and you will return to your love of life, Aquarian.

You make a lot of progress in the problems if they are related to the & # 39; respiratory or excavation. If you are in good health, do not harm it by causing the mistakes caused by other causes. Get rid of harmful habits.

Enter all your patience and decisions before taking a vital step in your or your business; make drastic decisions. It is not the best time for major changes in employment, but the time to consider options, research opportunities and plans for the future. Analyze everything in a coherent way, Acair.

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Money and fortune
Financial problems? Reconfigure your budget and eliminate unnecessary expenses in your own life and you will be actively active. express your economic system. You can wonder how much you can do without you and how much you get with less time and effort. Add your Aquarian talents to work to grow your current economy that you are facing.

Astral biorhythm today
Monday's nature energy level: high.
Cosmetic dynamics that you should take into account: your Aquarian power that comes from the "new year of life" called the beginning when you have finished your day-to-day visit -breith.
Hazardous movement Monday in your sign Uisgdar: I do not recognize the mistakes made.
What should I avoid ?: Obvious avoidance.

Prediction of couple for today Monday
The best relationship today: Monday, things will really be good for you if your partner is a sign of air or fire.
The biggest relationship: it can arise with a woman from a Cousin or Taurus.
Compatibility: there is a good treaty, especially with air, and with fire, particularly intense with Sagittarius.
If you're single or single: take your time and say what you're feeling, but do not expect too much, others can be your place. . . .

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