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Show the marks and losses of the Gagarin Cup semi-final

Moscow, March 21, LETA. The Latvian attacker, Mickey Indrek, celebrated Thursday with a remarkable game in the fifth game of the Gagarin Cup West Conference, but the crew didn't save the Dinamo Moscow team from losing to the end of the season.

"Dinamo" visits 2: 3 (1: 1, 1: 1, 0: 1) with hockey players CSKA Moscow, losing 1-4 to four winners in the series.

Seven minutes before the end of the first season, goal-half was opened by CSKA Pavel Karnauhov, who shot the gun from the blue team in front of the player. True, in the last quarter of a third, guests appeared in the score, after Jegor Zaitsev's Indrade 1: 1. In the middle of the game, with Jannik Hansen hanging a hockey game CSKA other – t out of the blue line, the crew were again on their way.

But even this time, a balance was struck – Dmitry Kagarlickis, who did most, just right last minute of the time. The second way to the ice appeared in Indrek. However, CSKA also joined the team for the third time, at the seventh minute of the third time, when Linden Weim reached one of Dinamo's games and sent 3: 2 for the game.

The 19-minute pointer spent ice in game, and six seconds when it was thrown twice at the gate, shutting out two sounds and using one force.

Indonesia secured 11 visits in the Gagarin Cup this season and made five appropriate prizes.

The fifth semi-final is directed by the Lokomotiv Ycoslavl and St. Kilda team. Petersburg.

So, Omsk is Avangard with 3-1 in the semi-finals in the East Conference, led by Latvia's chief coach Bob Hartley, ahead of Astana's "Bari", and will bring “Salavat Julajev” Ufa Avtomobilist in Yekaterinburg with the same result.

For the fifth year running, Gagarin Cup did not reach the Latvian Dinamo team.

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