Accident Prevention Accident found in Sweden


The Statens Veterinarmedicinska Anstalt, or the National Swedish Institute of Medicine (SVA), this week (a computer translation) made the first issue of a Chronic Obstruction (CWD) case in a 16-year squirrel in Norrbotten County.

Image / idee-scheibe
Image / idee-scheibe

The animal was fed as it walked in narrow circles and it appeared that he was blind.

The trial test contained positive samples from the positive brain and confirmed that it was positive for enviropathy spong-transmissible with Western Blot (BioRad TeSeE) with the SVA.

Sweden reports a breakdown of ot parrot disease ’

This was not expected, according to the Maria Nöremark epidemiologist at the National Medical Center (SVA). Similar cases have been found in Norway and Finland. Many recommend that it is voluntary changes and not changeable infection, so it was a time before a case was found in Sweden.

The CWD affects members of the deer family, including white and white, deer and pigs.

CWD is a progressive, fatal disease of sightings that tend to cause behavioral behavior as a result of microscopic changes to the affected brain. The disease can be carried for years without an indication, but in the final stages, signs could include ethics, headaches, weight loss, re-walking. impressive in set patterns, and a lack of response.

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