Accidents, trouble or death Sean Bean. Civilization VI acquires new colors


Note! A new time will be given to you to say one move and sleep. Developers from Firaxis published the second database for Civilization VI.

New content gets the name Gathering Storm and, as we see from the title, we can especially enjoy the weather-related weather conditions. For example, the volcanoes do not have decorative features, storms, tornadoan, meurrain, climate change, flooding or drying.

This means that you need to be careful when choosing a suitable place to start a town. If you build a big city, for example on the shore, there are floods; a great deal of harm to the neighborhood of their home and center. But with technology, you can protect yourself against nature shadow. The surrounding world can change through channels, dams, tunnels or railings.

Organic accidents will be disrupted to natural disasters. The raw materials of the datadisk will be another place – they will be the energy plant process and they will contribute to environmental depression. Over time, the ability to use renewable energy will usually increase, but to that end, your global heating activity or melting melting can be done and an increase beyond ocean levels .

The votes back were also named "World Congress, which means the diplomatic opportunity for influence. But developers promise that this will be a bit more advanced than a fifth. Through World Congress, you can not only obtain diplomatic favors, influence urban or participating states in the World Games, but also a & # 39; addressing climate change or natural disasters.

In addition, players can enjoy the normal characteristic of news in the form of seven new world wonders, seventy wildlife, eighteen units, fifteen developments, nine buildings, or five urban areas. We will, of course, expect new civilizations and heads of eight or nine individuals.

The authors also undertake an enhanced spiritual system, suitable settings for the cultural and scientific impact, new historical minds and other enhanced play features. And as a benefit, you'll see again how Sean Bean is traveling to her; character that dies in & # 39; garden.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm comes to PC on 14 February, Mac and Linux players should wait for a while later.

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