According to FIFA experts, there are no barriers to the start of 48 teams in Qatar


According to the FIFA Competency Survey, there is no restriction for the Qatar World Championships being organized by 48 teams instead of the 32 originally designed.

According to the 83-page document, Qatar has to include at least one country neighboring for settlement. It was announced at the end of February that the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Oman could hold games at the same time for expansion.

The study suggests that the legal risks of changing 32 shape are low, and $ 400 million of extra income is expected. The FIFA board, the council, will be discussing the topic on Thursday and Friday in Miami, which was considered by President Gianni Infantino, and will make the final decision in June.

They have mentioned previously on Qatar, and would not decide whether to extend the number of competitions or to see 48 teams so that they can have a feasibility study from FIFA. Previously, the international partnership has put 48 national teams in the 2026 World Championships, Canada, America and Mexican. (MTI)


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