According to Huawei, mobile phones will be cheaper over time


According to Richard Yu, Mate X will have a big impact on the mobile market in the years to come.

Richard Yu, Managing Director of Huawei Industry, recently interviewed a German newspaper on the future of the smartphone industry.

According to the Chief Executive, the recently launched Mate X foldable gadget will have a major impact on the mobile market in the years ahead, especially so that many makers will make an effort to create a copy for Huawei.

In Europe, the novel costs 2300 euros, so most customers can stop before they arrive. According to the Director, the circumstances may change over time. As the more people use the folders, the more Huawei hopes to spend. Over time, it can cost as much as $ 1,000 or even € 500, indeed everything is dependent on demand.

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According to Richard Yu, this year Apple iPhone, which is now easy to go, is going to decline, but he believes Apple could not be bringing it together next year.

At the same time, Huawei will focus on better cameras and longer life on battery, having increased the speed of battery. There is a very high level of participation in all of these. Next year, Huawei would make the world's biggest smartphone manufacturer – in fact, Samsung will have one or two words, and the American situation isn't on the Chinese side.

Yu said that he had a plan for Huawei if he hadn't had access to Android or Windows 10 for some reason: they developed an operational ownership system that was compatible with industry products.

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