According to NASA's study, the world is greener than 20 years ago


Although it's amazing, it's true. A new review National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) that night The world is greener than 20 years ago.

The search shows that Human activity in China and India affects its & # 39; "green" planet, with lambition planting programs of trees in China and to the intensive agriculture in both countries.

Scientists used information from almost all 20 years of NASA's MODIS device, which affects the Earth two satellites, which has the correct configuration data.

That report identified "Blank lock" in the last one two decades to represent a Increase in plant leaves and trees which is equal to the area covered by everything the Amazon.

This is an incredible surprise, which can be viewed on its & # 39; General opinion on erosion in rural countries, due to the fact that there is too much decline.

But be careful, despite the rise in the green world under India and China compensating for her & her; damage caused by natural vegetation in tropical regions such as Brazil and Indonesia.

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