"According to some ignorance …": Goucha's man will be responding to Cláudio Ramos


QOperation Ramos said he had a hard idea of ​​the dream that Russia Manuel Luís Goucha, Rui Oliveira, has chosen to attend public events.

The narrator said that Rui was trying to be "a thing" and that he thought he was "ugly" and "needlessly" that he was wearing sunglasses in a Portugal front row t .

Although he said he did not want the businessman to be confused with his words, the truth is that he will not hear the last. He didn't like Rui as he answered and answered the letter on his official Instagram account.

With nine photographs of several different scenes, all of which were used at different times, Manuel Luís Goucha depicted his style and bark arches to criticize him.

"There is a misunderstanding, tomorrow the criticism will make a copy of a competitor part of a program …" reading one of the images.

"Is he wearing horrible glasses?" "He wants, in clear reference to the statements made by Cláudio Ramos.

"What do you think of this uniform? It is also ugly! To wear glasses !?", consolidate it in the legend of another image.

"Show me myself that I am not in a bit of it; according to some strange!", he said.

Look at the gallery for publication Rui Oliveira!

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