According to the Came, the SME business industry fell by 5% in October


The SME business fell for the next six months and the department only works with 58.6% of its potential. Although the proportion of businesses grew to grow slightly, 74% think that the situation is a n; their company is regular, bad or necessary. Only 18.7% expect to return in the next three months.

There is a lack of market vulnerability, the low level of the pay chain, huge levels of diversity and difficulties in paying off duties; Emphasis on SMEs' business and reducing many companies to reduce or reconsider their continuity.

Within a non-construction market, SMEs represented a 5% business in October compared to the same month last year. It is the sixth month in which the business falls.

Compared to September, a 5.6% increase was recorded, which is basically defined by the month's radiology. For the 10 months of the year, a decline of 1.9% compared to the same period of 2017.

The data comes from the CAME Monthly Industry Business Survey that has been made up of 300 SME businesses in the country. The Pyme Index Production Production (IPIP) recorded 79.8 points in October.

The most famous losses in "Leather goods and goods" (-15%), "Rubber and plastics" (-10.8%), "Wood and furniture products" (-10.4%), "Paper, cart, printing and printing "(-8.5%)," Metal, machinery and equipment "(-7.3%)," transport material "(-3.3%)," Textiles and clothing articles "(-3.3%) and "Electronic mechanical, IT and manufacturing products" (-2.5%). On the other hand, "Products Products" did not succeed in changing and growing the "Food Industry" (0.1%) and "Non-Metallic Minerals" (1.6%).

"The production trend does not appear to be back and it will follow at least mid the next year," said Pablo Bozzanno, senior director of the Chamber of Business, Electronics and Communications Industries at Centro de Argentina (CIIECCA). "The ability that is installed is less than 60%, companies are not leaving farewell now, but they are not restoring the lost taxes," it is a & # 39; warning, explaining that the only stronger companies "are those who are exporting and benefitting the valuation and the new price of the dollar."

In October, 53.9% of the businesses consulted by casualties in annual production (58.9% in September) ended, with 36.7% increase (30.9% last month). Although most companies have a & # 39; continues to decline, their share of businesses get better

Increased proportion of businesses with test results expanded in October: 36.3% compared to 32.1% in September and 28.9% in August. The percentage of businesses with a strange and nasty profit remains high. But many companies have cut their businesses, blocked staff and reduced costs of all kinds to keep their businesses up.

"In the case of the dairy industry, it's going through a serious economic situation as a result of the increase in costs, the increase in raw material, higher operating costs and falling spending", explains Pablo Villan, president of the Association of Small and Medium Demonstration Companies (APYMEL).

The series of payments continues to go down. According to Daniel García, president of Argentine House of Manufacturers of Efficient Luminaries and Domotics (CAFLED), "suppliers want to pay 30 days and customers pay 120. That is which means that the companies in the department get debt at independent levels ". The consultative businesses agree that the series of payments is in two days that has been deleted and there are many problems in analyzing inspections.

The use of resources based in SMEs grew again in October to 58.7%, but it is still too low to show the fall in activity.

As a result, expectations are still not expected: only 18.7% of the companies were expecting; Consultation expected to increase in the next three months, and 29% Believe that he will still fall. Remainder do not know or think it will be at current levels.

This may be explaining why the investment is not # 39; construction: new investments are not set out for 7 out of 10 businesses in the next three months.


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