According to the company, more than 200,000 folds


One of the biggest doubts about folding smartphones is the lifespan and screen, which will suffer the most weight when you are blind. open and close them again and again. Well, according to Samsung, the Galaxy Fold is ready to support more than 200,000 folds.

Today the video company has released where it shows us part of it the tests the Galaxy Fold was made to do, which they want to provide proof that the device will be ready to support it that it opens and closes many times, since the design is designed directly for it.

Video in the hypnotic

In the following video we will see the device that Samsung uses to install weight tests for the Galaxy Fold, where it is the object is to fold the machine again and again. Samsung does not specify which devices might be the same test on the same device on this device or mentioning anything about the results found.

And yes, the video is very interesting and even hypnotic.

Samsung says these experiments are five years of consistent use, to open an account, and the user will close the device about 100 times a day. So they're not giving a real figure of the Galaxy Fold's stability, they're only commenting that it is able to support "over 200,000 folds".

The company confirms that all tests follow a week and that the aim is clear: auditing the sustainability and performance of both the screen and the Infinity Flex screen. It is important to remember that we are talking about a $ 1,980 device, so it's important whether it's convinced that this dose is confirmed, though this will require only a focus on two main pieces t of the machine.

The Galaxy Fold will be on sale next April 26 and today only a very few people have ever looked at one, of course the ideas we get on the internet about the first communication exercises will be counted. So it will take time to analyze in detail and so they will know if we are dealing with a sustainable construction tool.

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