According to the opposition, MEPRD will examine the situation of Ventspils Council – Latvia – News


She said that the opponents' letter was received and that he was very worried. At the same time, Vārpiņš explained that there were a lot of bruises, but little of truth.

The Minister for Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Juris Puce (AP), has ordered the Secretary of State to provide a full report, a summary of communications with the Council during this term, as well as an assessment of the findings. court named in the letter. Similarly, the Secretary of State must report on the performance of the Ventspils Town Council's functions with the principles of legal and democratic state administration as set out in the Satversme and in administrative acts defining Vārpiņš.

It was already stated that Ventspils Town Council opposition members submitted to the First Minister Krišjānis Karins (JV) and ministers with a request to “assess the City Council's long-term illegal actions and breakdowns and assess”. said the legal measures agreed to break the council there, ”said Aivis Landmanis (LRA).

Petition by Landman Commanders, Valdis Kristovskis (V), Ivar Landman (LRA) and Dace Korn (V) sent to Karin, Puce, Minister of Justice Janis Bordan (JKP) and Minister of Talis Linkait Transport (JKP).

Believers believe that the work of Ventspils Town Council does not comply with the principles of public administration and democratic administration of Latvia as described in Satversme and by laws, "as a result, the authoritative command of the town of Ventspils has been regulated." with the boss of the town Aivars Lembergs ("Latvia and Ventspils" for years.)

“Lemberg has succeeded in establishing an illegal system which, along with other discrepancies, does not respect the right of small members and other thinkers promised by Latvian law to participate t said the City and Ventspils School work on the basis of equality and fairness, "said the demand.

Opposition MPs also say that, in the autumn of 2017, they have re-appealed to the law enforcement and judges "to break the basic principles in practice." public administration established in the Satversme with the treaty. However, the Town Council is not only governed by the regulation of the courts above, but through the direct administration of the town, it still restricts the functions of court minors, both in the interests of the court. court and in other parts of the illegal act of urban activity, the authors of the letter.

At the same time, MEP Kristovskis stresses over the last few years, that the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development has reported to the Ministry of Environment and Regional Development on the issue over the last 40 years. The council's priorities for limiting the activities of minority members are very early, but there is no activity within the working hours of the former Minister for Environment and Development Kaspars Gerhard (VL-TB / LNNK). He really realized what he had tdone.

Then the board of Lembergs said in "Latvia and Ventspils" a press report said MPs' opposition were turning out about the activities of the Town Council, as well as placing great emphasis on learners. T administration of the Town Council, based on the principle – preferably the existing Ventspils population.

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