Accountancy, receptionist, taxi driver, a major risk for unemployment due to … revolution 4.0


At its conference on some economic rehabilitation guidelines in Vietnam in the context of the Business Revolution 4.0, Dr. Le Huy Khoi, Institute for Strategic Studies, Business Policy said that this will be one of the major challenges when work is gradually introduced in the context of the 4th Business Revolution (CMCN 4.0). Devices and plants that are sensible use AI. So, it does not have a huge impact on the business of the light industry (texts, walkers) and manual in the middle and long term.

The fourth installment in the business, can make Vietnamese staff senior technology but lose its chance.

The fourth installment in the business, can make Vietnamese staff senior technology but lose its chance.

Vietnam's electronics industry, with its enormous contribution to cheap labor and a healthy geographical location, has benefited from this process due to strong electricity exports. In mid-time, however, this may change as a result of the technology that is available; Improved 3D printing, robots and internet connections are often used.

According to Khoi, in Vietnam, there are 60% labor costs of China, but this trend is not competitive because the robots of the world are rapidly declining. Vietnam needs to reflect on situations that populate multi-agency populations in Vietnam; using a number of prestigious tools, reducing cost and & # 39; including income and profits.

TS. Recognizing that: 4.0 CMCN will increase the unemployment rate due to a significant reduction in work, especially simple work in some areas such as clothing, leather shoes, electronics … The work is measured At present, as receptionists, accountants, legal advisers are also in danger of being replaced by AI.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), Phan Thi Minh Hien, the National Center for Socio-Economic and Inspection Information, said: "The 4.0 CMCN has a number of roles and sectors that are at risk. Renewables include: factory workers, cash bills, customer care staff and there are taxi drivers and long-term pilots …

She said that, based on the ILO assessment of the level of employment in some areas at risk of being discharged, about 20-40% of staff tend to be removed to other posts, unemployed or unemployed in the GMC 4.0 development process.

"It is estimated that between 8 and 16 million employees will be successful when successful implementation of CN 4.0," said Hien.

In the development of 4.0 CMC development, Ms. Hien that all professional behaviors, ways of transforming business in the digital world, will be completely transformed from this and our imagination.

Be aware of the social movements, the guidance on the training and career management of each person also changes. Large estates will add their plans and strategies 5-10 years in the world changes as the digital world to survive and develop.

"If we stay in the old way, we will risk the damage, breakdown and closure, so the demand for economic development needs a human consolidation resource. This is the biggest challenge for Vietnam in the future, "said Hien.

In addition, she said that Vietnam needs to make many ways to achieve the skilful and skilled workforce to meet the needs of the economy, which should be actively taken forward and extended. Labor Market to their labor market to ASEAN countries and countries all over the world to maximize work loss and unemployed people on training and re-training.

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