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The early tests tested four other cases of this hunting season. And in the last few days, two deer confirmed in preliminary screening.

Hunters in northeastern Minnesota have killed a half-dozen intimidating religious diseases that kill this deer.

To this hunting season, there were only 17 substantive cases of CWD in the Minnesota deer Shepherd. They were based in a five mile radius between Preston and Lanesboro.

Michelle Carstensen guides CWD guidance for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. She says that one of these animals was killed several miles outside of a known disease.

"We have a strong evidence that this disease is going on," she said. "And there is likely to be some distribution in the north west. This disease is traction."

The DNR established a CWD management zone two years ago. Now, Carstensen says that it needs to be extended.

"Our boundaries are changing," she said. "We set up our first base based on our information."

And she said, there may be more issues. The deer hunting season closed on Sunday over much of the state, but hunters in the south eastern Minnesota until November 25.

Further issues of CWD have never been a good news, she said, but she has enabled me to test the test data for a vision of how the disease is spread. All the deer were strong, bucks that were getting better, and & # 39; looking for mats.

It was likely that the bucket that was burned outside the steering wheel would travel on the River Root.

She says that CWD is likely to spread on river routes, where deer can easily travel.

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