ACH Volley is now beginning to rank; European League group


Ljubljana, November 21 – Slovakian balloon championships, ACH Volley, will nowadays begin at 20.00 in the most popular European football balloon competition. The German team of Friedrichshafen, led by the police elector Vital Heynen, is the first rival to the German dragons' dragons. In group C, Zenit St. Peterburg and French Chaumont.

The German team, in 2007, is the European ceremony and last year's support, has no stars, does not have a German representative, but has a Czech, Slovak, Romanian and Greek. He's put on team spirit and is sure he's better at home court, as Ljubljana's team, Andrej Urnaut, is not easy to find.

Slovenia who play in Germany is in a very good position, and Libera Jani Kovačič will return to the team.

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