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At the same time, the minister talked about "a public insurance system that stands at his legs, which is longer than a long time after the current legal intervention" and attacked him Much in the ND by & # 39; Declares that truth would be protected and a dangerous destruction.

"The face-to-face image, especially the SW, means that it is genuine. It fades all the way to stop it on the insurance system. And this was done in three ways. With what he did as a government, with his statement of what the government is currently doing, and investing in deceitful figures, black and disasters, and his careers on what he will do if he becomes government at any time "Ms Atschigog said, and continued on : "The country is allowed to release its freedom and can now delete unnecessary measures rejected by the ND as it can attempt to debate to report on a permanent destruction of the country. "

At this time, Mr Atschigoglou gave a personal attack on Kyrgyzstan President Kyriekos Mitsotakis, saying "if we go to what is proposed to the TIF, in a system where the grants are to be made; going to private insurance – it will cut the money for paying current pensions. "

"There is a sudden in 1.2 million supporters. If the state comes to cover this hole that will be created by escaping from the flow of donations to private insurance agents, would be up to 30 billion. If we talk about insurance insurance, it will be spent at 50 billion, with the same as those who benefit from private insurance , "said Mrs. Go on.

"This adds to the whole picture of the detrimental effect of the public social security system. The image that was beginning to be built by the main challenges and its adventures together with her recitation and story just Mr Mitsotakis, "he said.

"Daughter is a political commitment. The prime minister told me a memorandum. I would make a debt to society. Make a sensible sense to slow down my fingers with immediate steps to improve our income. This debt is shown by the bill by reducing the insurance contributions to 250,000 self-employed individuals, "she said." We will also attend this debt by eliminating pension cuts and generating 620,000 pensions from 1/20/2019 and by maximizing the minimum salaries and sending leave the underground ".

The Labor Minister also stated that "the bill is a travel relief measure and finally ends the strengthening of the continuing financial gains and the welfare state and those that are needed.

"The rent subsidy for 400,000 families, its trading fee, returning to uniform and doctors, and reducing EMFIA to be introduced next month, is a series of relief measures for people who work , "he said.

Finally, Ms. Atsioglou expressed the allegations made by rapporteur ND Yiannis Vroutsis, and refers to "ERGANIS", describing a negative record of each time, as more than 120,000 jobs lost in October, saying the evidence is show that 160,000 new jobs have been created in the last 10 months.


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