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▲ Zhong Jiajun (nice) is a weak heart smash Gong Li. (Figure / Haipeng, 2010.11.19)
▲ Zhong Jiajun (nice) is a weak heart smash Gong Li. (Figure / Haipeng, 2010.11.19)

The 14-year-old children's Zhong Jiajun star won the 55th Golden Golden award for "The Best New Actor Prize" by "The Only the Sea Knows." When the prize was awarded, it was published and the dinner was very much appreciated. I hope he will have more symbols in the future. Even Gong Li, who has a quiet face all night, can only help come and save it.

The Golden Golden Prize event did not expect to expect. Movie-makers on the mainland did not forget to & # 39; party party, but the Zhong Jiajun grew innocent greatly under the atmosphere. Convener Jin Ma Prize, Li, said Zhong Jiajun said he had heard that the jury chairman, Gong Li, was very impressed with the " his performance and that he praised him all the time, but Li An also said "I have not seen it yet, but I'll look for opportunities to see it."

After that, Gong Li gave him a lunch to the Gold Horse Activity Committee, but when he left quickly, he saw Zhong Jiajun at the door suddenly. D & # 39; shout immediately "Hey! Little brother!" He arrested him before leaving him. Zhong Jiajun received a prize with Gong Li's joy in a wilderness. He did not return to God, and he did not even have time to tell her, "I like the show" Farewell My Concubine ", but this boy from Lanyu, Taiwan is already A & # 39 ; shifting political awareness, which weakens the heart of Li's blood throughout the night.

▲ ▼ Li (in the left) and Gong Li (pictured on the left) are very fond of Zhong Jiajun. (图 / 海鹏, 2018.11.19) "width =" 2672 "height =" 2005 "class =" size-full wp-image-3077475 "srcset =" Uploads / 2018/11/1542630571-cf5d3c0bfc6069452f2473d6904da38b.jpg 2672w, 300w, https: //www.nownews. Com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/11/1542630571-cf5d3c0bfc6069452f2473d6904da38b-768x576.jpg 768w, 1024w, Https:// 80w, -cf5d3c0bfc6069452f2473d6904da38b-160x120.jpg 160w, 265w, /uploads/2018/11/1542630571-cf5d3c0bfc6069452f2473d6904da38b-696x522.jpg 696w, h Ttps: // 1392w, https: // -cf5d3c0bfc6069452f2473d6904da38b-1068x801.jpg 1068w, 0.jpg 560w, 1119w "sizes =" (max-width: 2672px) 100vw, 2672px
▲ ▼ Li (in the left) and Gong Li (on the left) are very fond of Zhong Jiajun. (Figure / Haipeng, 2010.11.19)

Interestingly, after winning the prize, Zhong Jiajun called her mother to recite her story, but found that her voice was tune. It meant that the Lanyu was a? come into his house to see the TV. Everyone was very enjoyable, even though they did not want to go home to sleep at midnight. Zhong Jiajun won the Gold Gold Prize for Lanyu, and the joy of the people of Lanyu. town "which flavors the island." And he finished his life formally in a filmless film. He has returned home to the Lanyu town with a prize to restore his status as a student in the primary school and will begin to maintain his studies.

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