Across the railway, young men were killed by train trains, an electrician barie does not work


When young men were found to cross the railroad at a distance, they did not; the train driver can handle the accident and fall just to the victim of the victim.

According to Nguyen Quang Vinh, the Chairman of the Thang Loi Commune (Thuong Tin District, Hanoi) Committee, a railway crash crashed at 9.30am (22/11) at Tam Loi Commune (Thuong Tin District)

At the time of the accident. Picture: Vietnamnet.

In particular, during the crash, a SE5 train with the train trainer Nguyen Ba Phuc Hai, a Hanoi machine operator, moving from the Hanoi station to Ho Chi Minh City.

When you travel to km 23 + 100, which belongs to the Thang Loi (Thuong Tin area), a young man and a man; bicycle driving 29Y5 – 175.92, from the town to National Highway 1A Crossing the railway, due to the distance too close, the train driver did not drive the brakes until they dropped just to the young man, causing the victim to die in the place.

Victory bicycle suffered seriously damaged after the crash. Picture: Vietnamnet.

The victim was identified as Nguyen Tuan Tu (age 28, who lives in Tan Minh, Thuong Tin area, Hanoi).

Mr Vinh said: "Daily routine routine daily routines, but today do not see activity. The event caused the SE5 to stop for 15 minutes of its process."

In addition, Vinh added: "This morning when you work with a police officer, which is well-known in the area where the security camera system is, the authorities & # 39 ; drag for a specific purpose. When a traffic accident occurs, the warning signal is not active. "

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