– Activision Blizzard will dispute a hundred hundred workers


Bloomberg newspaper now reports that Activision Blizzard's huge gaming activity will be a bigger cut in the staff.

The information comes from anonymous sources that the newspaper has been involved, so it is not confirmed officially during writing.

The measurement is part of a major reorganization to improve employment for its company. The share price of the company was down by two percent after the information was identified.

He can beat hundreds of workers

According to the sources, it can be as many as hundreds of staff who need to find something, at least to find out more.

She has no satisfaction with her financial situation, which is largely related to Destiny 2's deprivation of her or her hopeful body. Picture: Activision

Activity, similar to another gaming company, has been on recent employment reduction. In its latest seasonal output, which was released in November, its company reported a total reduction of $ 1.5 billion, down from 1.6 billion in the same season last year.

As Bloomberg announces, the publisher announced in a talk to investors that some of the main titles, such as Overwatch and Hearthstone, now suffer from them or her; a decline in the number of players.

As Gamer.no announced in November, the company said in the same lecture that they were also disappointed by Destiny 2 sales figures, and as a result, the person decided Destiny Bungie and Activision have recently gone on their way.

The rest of the disaster is at his / her; The company has recently been to leave the president of Blizzard Entertainment and his & her; Mike Morhaime co-founder of this disaster. Blizzard became part of Activision in 2008, following the Vivendi Games and Activision Blizzard player.

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