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The heat and moisture create a suitable framework for reducing mosquito; including the one who gives Dengue (Aedes Aegypti). The authorities of Almirante Brown and Lanús confirmed Information section that work has already begun to fight them.

The most important thing is to ban at home, there are waters of artificial water where the insects can be built. As a result, the town's health secretaries have recently started with the neighbors' campaigns to raise awareness and prevent potential issues.

Admiral Brown

In conversation with Information sectionHealth Admiralty Secretary, Alejandro Costa, said barriers to employment in the area.

In the first place, the actions are done; focus on the training and education of Health & Fitness staff, who are head of health promoters. Then, the work will be directed to the community "to raise awareness of the future of the first rooms and the highest humidity to reduce the number of potentially vulnerable homeless people," said the officer.

As a main recommendation, Costa "marked the prevention of keeping water in ships". "It's the question to throw out empty vessels and to use the" cover "or" turn off the vessels, but not water, "he said.

Depending on what he said, now disciplinary action is not necessary, especially since his landlords have not been flooded for a long time, despite the last storm that has affected the many neighbors of the area.


From the Origin of Lanús he said that the jobs will begin in October and will be deep at the end of November. It is about "basic jobs of the public, Health and Communications sector," they said.

The campaign involves discharging, so that no scrap can stand like mosquito breeding, thoughts, grass cuttings and awareness through the web, media and information brochure in the neighbors. "In general, the actions will last until the end of the summer and we may go to March," they said.


As a result of the virus that is pulled by mosquito damage Aedes aegypti, the disease can make a bad shape of the disease and even die. Because of this, they want to take too much care to prevent a risk, especially people who travel to tight countries and Central America.

Those who visit areas of dengue grassland, must be aware of symptoms such as fever, headache (especially in the eye range), muscles and pain associated with the two weeks after the trip, shoes, cooking and waulking. As a result of these symptoms, you should go to the nearest Health Unit or talk to your doctor to get the appropriate medicine. Do not be cure.

Other suggestions are: use of long sleeved clothes and long pants, if external activities are to be done; Restore protection on open skin and clothing, with applications every 3 hours; using depressed spirals or recordings in their homes; Given that the outdoors are taken care of in the first hour of the morning and at night, the greatest times of activity are; mucquit.

In a child's case, protect the lines or strollers with tulle mosquito networks when staying out, as long as s that will allow the right turn. In terms of using petitions, it is encouraged that they will be involved in babies under two months. It should not be used on clothing, or on wounds or bad skin.

Finally, it's also important to delete or delete; waste of waste buildings, cans, bottles, tires or tires, and other vessels that may contain water and which are open at the opening. Keep ships that are not used above. Clean gutters and chips, changing water from vases or wet sands, and changing water every three days from goblins with water plants, fish tanks and shores.

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