Activity has adversely affected the studio according to old Blizzard staff


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As they talk about staff who have been in a position; before Blizzard, The Activision so it would negatively affect the & # 39; development process, all that would be marked by a dispute subject that its company would be able to; Take as a "philosophy", thus delivering maximum savings, in one way or otherwise, it would affect the projects.

According to the Kotaku report involving 11 employees and employees (Blizzard's old (unnamed) employees of the company statements and the Activision philosophy. We already know that an independent Demonstration would be an unhappy cause, he did not hit people significantly and that the low actions were talking to himself.

They indicated that they would tell them in some way they needed to have a smaller cost, for their & # 39; The first time that Blizzard had to worry about those types instead of investing in order to grow. In addition to their opinion that they need to grow economic for their & The first time, something that identified at least one developer has left his / her; company.

It's pretty good to do everything; You could say about the vision, Overwatch It's a game that's been on & # 39; Creating a significant profit for the company, which provides special insurance for the businesses that can do it. Of course, we should not forget this fact during the year Michael Morhaime, resigning his position as president.

How can this be translated? Will Blizzard give way back and increase in the enjoyment and respect of its fans? Will your handy games be a future?


Editing: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Cover

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