Actor Loreto Aravena gives details of her preparation for "Pirates of the Caribbean"


It's not about Hollywood, but the drama and this trip in the genres of music that are satisfied with her. actress on Loreto Aravena Channel 13.

In addition to the recordings of "Pact de Sangre" each night, today's actress told the Fourth newspaper how she was preparing for "Piratas del Caribe", music where she needs to be & # 39; play, dance and her; sing.

"The fact is that I'm not so good at dancing but I've been enjoying something to learn and work up. Claudio Puebla teaches us full dance and so I'm calm. I do several things: I'm going to; dancing, singing and doing make healthy, "he said.

Is that in the collection, Aravena needs to bring down a platform when it's a? singing and dancing, and a & # 39; including 7 hours of daily trials. "There are many times of dance and we will sing, sing often. We have a group training for acrobatics. a mast ", details.

It was advised about what she expects from the music, the shape that Mall Plaza has been on; made for 10 years, the actress was clear. "My eyes are high because he has been ten years of this drama project every summer. They have more than 3,000 people per activity and we want to identify everything, "he decided.

At Instragam, at the same time, her video actor published her preparation:

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