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Adam Schiff

On Sunday morning, President Trump attacked the producer Adam Schiff, a chief Democrat on the House Information Committee. Schiff was very funny about criticizing Matt Whitaker's position as Trump's acting as Applied Advocate of the United States when she was Jeff Session left earlier this month. In response, Trump wrote, "So funny to see a little bit of Adam Schitt (D-CA) talk about the fact that Matt Whitaker did not agree with the Synod, but not to mention Bob Mueller (who are very opposed to each other) It was not agreed by the Synod! "

Schiff started back, "Wow, Mr President, that's good. Was that similar to your answers to Mr. Mueller's questions, or did you write yourself?"

Here's what you need to know Adam Schiff:

1. Schiff told ABC that the Democrats would challenge Whitaker's role as Acting Attorney General

On Sunday morning, Schiff went on "This Week" ABC by George Stephanopoulos. Stephanopoulos asked him if Democrats would fight against Whitaker's situation and Schiff said, unfortunately, "yes."

"I think the job is insane," Schiff said. "But it also strives to become more specific legislation. There is ongoing legislation for the Department of Justice, which makes it different from other departments."

Schiff did not indicate what actions Democrats might have against Whitaker. But he said that Democrats would look closely at Whitaker to find out if he was in a position; Try to limit Robert Mueller's research. "He needs to know if he gets anything to do what Mr Mueller does, we'll find out about it. We will appear," said Schiff.

2. Schiff was elected as the first transport in 2000

Schiff represents the 28th District of Transportation in California. Its area includes Glen Dail, Burbank, Pasadena, La Cañada, and West Hollywood.

Schiff was first elected for his Transport in 2000. Before running for the office, he worked as Assistant Vice-US. in Los Angeles. He was also a state lawyer for California. Schiff told Rolling Stone that he was one of the most memorable cases while he was with the US solicitor's office when he was acting on the spirit of the FBI proxy agent. Schiff said that the experience is now very helpful that he is attending the House Information Committee. "It helps to get to know the correct questions that you ask, and the evidence you need, and how you will investigate," Schiff said to Rolling Stone. "And then how you talk about it in a way people understand."

3. Schiff wants to spread the investigation into Russia's relationship with Trump

Before mid-election, Schiff said, if Democrats were back to the House, they would investigate it; President Trump's financial relationship with Russian silver exhibitors. The money taxes made were made before Trump became president. But Schiff, and others, says that if the Trump Organis will support Russian showcasters, then Russian government could use that fact as they did & # 39; Try to keep Trump on their side.

Appearing on CNN in October, Schiff said, "The question, however, I do not know if Mueller has been able to respond – because I do not know if he's be given to look-in – is the Russians carrying money through the Trump group? And there will be a very high priority to get a response. For this reason, if they were & # 39 , doing this, not just crime, but it's something possible, "said Schiff. He also said that if there had been a catching of money, it was something that the Russians could "keep over" their President and "that could be done; impacting on the US policy in a way that opposes our national interest. "

4. Schiff has been defined as 'Good, positive, positive' & # 39;

It is often referred to as Schiff as pure. He is a real opponent for Trump administration, but he expresses his thoughts calmly. In fact, some think it's too quiet. Hardy hostility, Chris Matthews, seems to complain to Schiff's communications director to breathe him for a little more fire. "You have to say something that's going to impeachment," said Matthews he wanted. "Anything. That's what we're going to do."

The Rolling Stone magazine, which Schiff issued this year, commented on a collection as "vegan very good" with strong ideas and principles but was difficult to go. use a strong language. But Schiff told Rolling Stone that her calm style works well for him. He said, "I got a lot of feedback about keeping my calm up. I'm getting out if you're tired, people just cleared you out . "

5. Adam and his wife, Eve, Give two children

Adam Schiff is married to a woman called Eve (Schiff seems to have a crack out of the names). A couple have two children, Alexa and Elijah.

Schiff graduated from Stanford University and graduated from Harvard Law School. Before running for the office, he was a Attorney Assistant in Los Angeles. Schiff told him once Rolling Stone Magazine that his knowledge as an advocate was a great help in his current situation at the House Information Committee. "It helps to get to know the right questions, and the evidence you need, and how you will explore," said Schiff.

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