Add taxes of 12.5 million, which would have to cut the top of the tree


Binh Dinh: Department of "super-terror": 12.5 million of fines and he had to go to # 39; better cut

On the afternoon of November 20, Lieutenant Colonel Ngo Duc Hoai, deputy head of the People's Police Division in Binh Dinh, said the authorities confirmed that a tractor tractor tractor 43C-190.38 BSC 43R-021.27 carrying a ban The time is too large (exceeding 2.5m compared to the size of the trailer) as ordered.

In particular, the 1.5 million decision is ready with its unauthorized encryption error; With a driver's license, the proprietor has a VND 6 million tax and the driver has a & # 39; fines 5 million VND and the driver receives permission for 2 months.

Tree behaviors

Binh Dinh authorities decided to cut 12.5 million and they had to cut the big parts of the "super".

In addition, the authorities decided that they would cut the cutters over 2.5m over the cranes due to unauthorized transport for major products.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Ngo Duc Hoai, Deputy Chief of the Binh Dinh European Policing Division, this vehicle does not comply with the specific traffic permit for long-standing and high-pressure cargoes. Given that the specific license the driver gives to & # 39; Show the license to carry the machine, as long as the car is carry the tree, the license is not suitable.

"If you want to carry trees on the road, it is essential for the carrier to obtain a special permit for the particular. Unless this license, the main parts of the plant must be cut to be normal (not It is too high or big). After that, the action group will carry out the assessment and handling procedures for trimming and tree behavior, "said Lt.

Tree behavior

Authorities need to cut off the largest part of the new plant for distribution.

Mar Righteousness On 19/11, the Binh Dinh Police Department freight bar was detected in which the CC 43C-190.38 tractor was transported by the BKS 43R-021.27 traffic on the 19 a & behaviors There should be a size of & # 39; from Gia Lai to Binh Dinh marked his / her stop; car.

Throughout the study, the activity found that the car was carried in accordance with the National Highway 19 and National Highway 1A traffic licenses passing through the Dinh Dinh area, the driver's driver without a driver's license.

Initially, Dinh Cong Vinh (45 years old, who lived in the Cam Le district, Da Nang city) wants to waste waste & # 39 ; horrible this from Dak Lak to Ninh Binh for a businessman.

Tree behavior

Tree behaviors

Earlier on November 17, Dak Lak's Police Department has signed a system of administration of this tractor because it did not meet the rules of the special traffic permits for large-scale goods.

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