Adel Hakki participates in the distribution of song and music play "3 days in the cost"


Adel Haki participates in choosing sound areas and his / her; Distributing the songs at the "3 days in the coast", the star was the artist Mohamed Henidi and returning to the playhouse after a long time, Presented at one of the plays and exhibited in the future is written by Ahmad Abdullah and led by Magdy Al Hawari South Westerly

Haqi emphasized specific statements to "the seventh day" to take part in the distribution of the songs made by Henidi during the play and also copied with Haitham Nabil and Ashraf Salem and written by Hatem Hussein South Westerly

He also stated that the number of songs between 4 or 5 and still in the drop-down level is to set it up and down; promised him with special strength and surprising him with his listeners as told us South Westerly

The play also includes a number of comics artists, including photographer Bayoumi Fouad, Ahmed Fathi, Mohamed Tharwat, Mohamed Mahmoud, and Ndi Musa while was Hawari's work leader using teams from Ukraine to review the scenes in the pictureSouth Westerly

Henidy creates a new character in the play, an old woman called "Hamama Hanim Hashtag", who is a Getting involved in conflict in fashion actress and caring for fashion and fascistist worldSouth Westerly

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