Adela Vincze at Intimate PHOTO: naked in Bath


The film is highly popular, as it has only been seen by her husband so far. Adela is in the tub and her body is covered only with a yacht and a bath. The position suggests that the color is quite bare.

We asked her to tell us how the film was filming and if she had to throw away her clothes. “I was, and indeed was, swimming swimming, and because it was cold because of it, I welcomed this kind of burning. I wanted my private time to get in and out of the meal. So it was not for me or anyone involved in the struggle, " t Adela explained.

Adela Vincze's Intimate PHOTO:


This time, one of our most successful football players, Marek Hamšík (31), will be the guests of Dana and Adela. Being in the 2-on-1 exhibition, it will have to do studio tasks, but also in front of an exceptional audience, and the viewers will enjoy the true experience.

Looking forward to session 2 against 1?

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