Adiantum: Officially published by Google and making our Android devices safer and safer


Clicking something that we often get into effect. In addition, not only have new machines accessed encryption support but many of them are already at the factory. But clicking, however, is a very important feature in Android. Keep your secure files, your accounts, etc. One can not enter your digital phone without the pin / password / pattern. However, the diminution is delaying in performance.

But most of the time, however, the reduction is very small and is not particularly the upper devices. This is not true of the most cost-effective and Android devices. Adersum is a new encryption algorithm created by Google that is lighter than the AES encryption. It was created to run in full without any extra hardness, making it a suitable solution for more accessible devices. Manufacturers can implement their double devices with Android Pie, and Android Q will formally become part of the platform.

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