Administration of Life vs Computer Transformation



“Efforts should continue to be strengthened by strengthening the legal framework for data hospitality in particular. Awareness and communication for the benefit of citizens. Along with companies to develop technologies for detecting computer and defense attacks ", according to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and the Digital Economy t (Ph. The Economist)

Cyber ​​risk is fully represented. "Responsibility for Land Conservation is 2.4 times higher than the one that is facing the banking sector," said the standard management at the first Congress of the Notarite in Morocco from 18 March to 20 in Marrakech. T (See Economist No 5477 of March 20, 2019) t.

This indicator has been developed by the Information Systems Security Branch (SSIG). Linked to the National Defense Administration, this unit has a base at Rabat, MaCert. “We're now not talking about cybersecurity in a connected world.

Cyberecurity means that, in addition to reducing risk, a group's ability to resist and to resume capacity and to continue with normal action, "says National Security in a long-term report in October 2018. On 6 th of "Awareness of the security of information systems" there will be an essential infrastructure which sets out the essential duties of telecoms staff.

The 2014 National Guidance on Information Security Systems is also included. It aims to "join up and enhance the quality of life of state groups". This guidance "includes some aspects of propriety," note the authors.

As a highly important infrastructure, the Land Conservation act "includes protecting the integrity of the data". So security of the business is "absolutely necessary". "All investments in security (devices, training, procedures …) were made in advance," he sends his producer, Karim Tajmouati. The land management did not want any correspondence about the global investment. T to the public market.

However, the DGSSI has introduced "the use of operational security installations (known as the KES) within significant public bodies and infrastructure (such as the Central Bank, the dams, the power stations). T and airports so to give them leadership roles ".


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