Adriana Karembeu: Growing his twist hit and "shaken" from the baby


In August 2018, her firstborn daughter Adriana Karembeu, a little girl named Nina, was born to her husband, Aram Ohanian. With our colleagues from TV Star, the hospitals and a 47-year model bring out their new life as a mother, describes his relationship.

When Nina was born, Adriana Karembeu and Aram Ohanian's daily life was turned down. "It changes life priorities. The center of the sculpture changes. It is shaking but I was ready", says the beautiful girl. With her husband, they are"is well managed"This great change in life."We know that this is a difficult time that breaks up everyday life. We are calm, hard working with each other and we will patiently solve the problems"she continues.

In addition, their Queen does not change many of their projects. Indeed, a lover will continue to live … three, with a little Nina. "We do the same to two but more organizations and more boxes will need!Adriana Karembeu said, "With her lover, she went all over the world."Now we want to do it again with our daughter", she says, and ending:"Aram is so pleased to me."

Full interview in the magazine TV Star, in newspapers Monday, February 11, 2019.

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