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There is nothing to do with future pensions in Bulgaria. On the one hand, it is not clear whether the pension system includes the demographic structure of the population and, on the other hand, it is convinced that they do not know what they are doing; get enough to replace a percentage of normal income before retirement, giving normal living status.

Now, we will look at ten councils made by Richard Quinn, who resigned in 2010, a financial expert at his & write Here's what Quinn thinks about ten years after he retired:

1. Money is always in your mind

It does not matter how well you have prepared and how generously & # 39; do your income sources after retiring, the money is always in your mind.

The financial question "what if …" is always at a & # 39; the end. This is more likely to be proven because you are fully aware that your financial resources are limited.

2. You need to fill the holes

"I'm sure you're still able to get your savings from a material shortage when you retire. You must be ready to take unplanned costs without a & # 39; threatening your financial income, "Quinn is a giving advice.

This means that if you need emergency money outside your retirement plan, you need to. Fill this property if used.

3. Volunteer savings are essential

The three pension schools are a way that everyone needs to know. According to the Willis Towers Watson report, only up to 20% of Fortune 500 companies offer retirement plans for some staff by the end of 2015. The number of staff is covered by a & # 39 ; pension plan has dropped dramatically.

In other words, people need to ensure themselves by benefiting from voluntary pension insurance or other long-term investment schemes. If you do not care for yourself, do not expect others to do so; do that.

4. Level of life is not easy to maintain

Keeping your way of life is not as easy as possible; as you previously thought.

"After nine years, I continued to keep my living room only because of the safety measures I did, together with my goals to retire from the coming -Insufficient enough to introduce 100% of basic salary, rather than its general advice for 80%, according to Quinn.

If you translate this into your indigenous truth, keep in mind that current pensions do not replace more than 35-40% of the country's average income.

5. Inflation is true

For many people, spending on healthcare, taxes and rents on buildings are very poorly inflation. There is no way to escape the cost increase for the listed departments, so you need to plan.

It is probably a good idea that is moving mobile and allows them to grow until you need it later to limit the increase costs, Quinn also has a " counseling.

6. Movement is not easy to retire

"It was very difficult for me to give my professional life. For example, I was asked to talk at conferences across the country, living in the best tourist resorts. This is more in a minute, and I was really missed. "

7. Busach or lucky?

You are choosing. When I asked people – who was there? to retire – what they are going to do, the usual answers include "playing golf," "to" catch fish, "and" home repairs . " But that's not enough, Quinn says.

The point is, are you busy with what you want? To do this, you need to do your plans well!

8. Where were the "friends" all?

When you work with people for many years, their relationship with them may be more likely than a business. But when you're back and back; loss of the authority and its effects, you may feel that you have fallen from the planet.

Fain your true friends. But your value to others will be away – and they also disappear. No wonder.

9. There is an old phrase: "I married you well or for a bad …" When I told myself that I was trying to retire, my wife said, "Well, but I do not change my actions. " This is not essential. Make common plans with your partner who will; Introducing your new life and how you spend time without sufficient sacrificing on the other, advising Quinn.

10. The Awareness of Expectations

Before completing the school or college, we will look forward to our role. During our role, we look forward to being able to; retiring. Once we have & # 39; let's retire, we look forward to completing your time with what you expect next day, the financial expert will advise.

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