AEK Athens music bomb Molotov bombed Ajax waste


Although you want to believe that football in football does not happen only in those latitudes, it's clear that it's a problem around the world.

The stones to Boca's sons may not be relatively short compared to what happened in Greece in the last hours. In the middle of a strong belief that Conmebol received – with a good reason – the UEFA has seen great shortcomings in the & # 39; her group too.

The AEK and Ajax ultras (barriers) agree to measure themselves in a hard battle on Athens streets through social networks. This is the result:

Then, the madness moved to a playground. Before the Dutch side defeated a 2-0 Greek, a member of the AEK entered the Olympic game of the stadium and threw Molotov's bomb at the state where the foul was a tad.

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