Aescher-Wirt is a new hit Rösti


For many, the Aescher is considered to be the most beautiful place in the world. So tourists make a pilgrimage to Appenzell from both sides to take a commemorative picture. A second reason for a visit – the popular Rösti in the restaurant – will not live in the future.

In May, the mountain restaurant Aescher opens the quarter at Wasserauen AI. Although the new tenant is the same as the old one, nothing else is like it. On Wednesday, the new hotelier, Gallus Knechtle from the Pfefferbeere AG events group, launched the new menu. The lovers of the famous Aescher-Rösti generations have evolved from the past, Nicole and Bernhard Knechtle, swallowing empty: The food has disappeared completely from the diet!

Instead, you will find, for example, cooked sausages, cheese meat and Ribel-Bramata milkmilk with peanut butter. Overall, around twelve regional bites are mostly on the new menu – for the big and crafted menu.

«We want to open a new chapter»

Gallus Knechtle will be protecting the Rösti application on request from LOOK. There are several reasons why we don't offer rösti in the new Aescher menu, we're looking to open a new chapter, but we believe Rösti in the mass is relatively expensive in preparation. "Another reason why preparation is a lot of energy. Knechtle: "It should not be forgotten that the potatoes are heated twice."

Knechtle and his business partner Melanie Gmünder place great emphasis on regional products. “By doing that, we're not only introducing the Appenzell, but also the areas around the hills. Use pastel milk paste with butter. The main ingredient of this food, in Rum, has been grown for centuries in St Gallen Rhine Valley. »

Knechtle up in Stein AR. His aim is to introduce the history of the area and the region's features to the menu: "To Aeschers guests, the journey should be an exhaustive", he said. T At the end of last year we would like to raise money for you.

There is currently a problem of space

The sitting environment at Aescher remains tight. While structural measures have been adopted to improve the situation, the measures will only be implemented after the summer of 2019. Melanie Gmünder is head of the Aescher team, also Appenzellerin. It is supported by a team of 12 members and a number of temporary flexible staff.

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