Afetto, the kid cold kid in the back [VIDÉO]



An artistic understanding of rapid growth is rapid. Full promise, they can also frighten us. The affirmation by Affetto, the child is not so wise a robot.

Afetto is a small name that the Osaka University has worked for since 2011. A tidy trip is very effective, it's popular (and does) grow; thanking the truthfulness of his face animation. Joy, anger, anger, extraordinary gutting and other sun … it is clear that he has a lot of emotions. The proof in pictures:

Imitation (almost) perfect

For 7 years, a Japanese team has doubled its efforts so that the boy is so homosexual. as possible. " Our most recent results will allow us to control the most effective face-to-face movement to introduce more different phrases, such as a & # 39; mourning or crying, " She explained recently, recites Clubic. In order to achieve this result, researchers carried out an analysis of not less than 116 inches, from the nose to mouth through the eyes and even the language that is specifically replicated well. The next step? Give Afetto a very realistic group.

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