AFF Cup 2018 | A strong mouth from Malay's struggles to recruit Vietnam in her & # 39; final


VIDEO: Malaysia Malaysia 2-0 Malaysia

A second game in Vietnam's football is a great deal at the AFF Cup 2018. Performed on My Dinh's "holy place" and forty-four thousand watchman, teacher teacher of Hang Dong Park. won a 2-0 against the Malayis team with the continued stages of Chong Phuong and Anh Duc.

Korea's coach style: pragmatic but extremely effective. Although it does not create a great or beautiful attack, but Vietnam Phone is correct in a situation that has been decided.

After the game passed, despite the "passers-by" failure, a Malaysian prime minister, Norshahrul Idlan Talaha, said the Malay tigers were still in the final.

"It was a tough game, but we played well, we controlled the member and moved the game, Vietnam did not just defend it and put two goals up, giving thanks to this deployment. I hope Malayas will meet again. Vietnam in the finals ".

TalahaIn this game, Talaha and his companion Shahrel Fikri were completely hampered by Vietnamese Phone defenses. Under the guidance of Que Ngoc Hai captain, the Hang Park Hang Coach defensive has all been tightened to the goalkeeper of Dang Van Lam. Even the dangerous punishment of the saved Hai Phong backbone. The ban on the disagreement causes the Malay against the Malayan many times in the bad situation.

"Victory protection protection is very young. Captain Ngoc Hai played well. They were very tight so I can not do anything. There are some typical hot conditions in football, "said Talaha.

After winning Malala, Vietnam is second in Group A with 6 points such as Myanmar but below due to bad people in terms of the number. On November 17th, the teaching teacher Park Hang-this has moved to Myanmar to prepare for the third AFF Cup this year, which will take place on 20/11.

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