AFF Cup 2018 | Philippine Thailand fans play well & # 39; because their flight was suspended


VIDEO: Thailand 4-2 Indonesia

Both Thailand and the Philippines have the highest 6 consecutive points after two overall advantages in Group B. Thailand welcomed East Timor with a 7-0 score before hitting Indonesia 4-2 in a & # 39; previous trip. The Philippines won to Singapore with East Timor. So, it is considered that this is a vital battle for the next round of tickets, and ending & # 39; of Group B.

The game was held in Bacolod City, Philippines, but at this time, the country is located in the eastern part of the region which gets a strong storm. This has a significant impact on traffic and Thailand is just a victim.

So, the flight from Manila to Bacolod was released out of November 19, causing them to leave Manila one night and take a day-to-day flight. This also means that Thailand has lost an important training session. At the same time, there was no problem with Manila from Manila to Bacolod afternoon. This leaves many Thai fans a & # 39; feeling angry

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"Why is the only plane between Manila and Bacolod, but Thailand's longest pace is due to the weather, as long as the Philippines still have a" normal movement? " – Thai national jersey asked in crisis. Previously, they were disturbed about the sitting room and the playground area.

"Unprofessional football" – Other Thai fans section.

However, it is obvious that this is the responsibility of the Philippine Football Federation but under the air traffic control station of its airports in Manila. Some of the Filipino members said: "It is unreasonable to blame the Football Federation of Philippines. This case is completely up to the government agency to control and manage on the air safety section. In particular, the Philippines can not be adversely affected by Thai people in this way. "

We know that the Philippines trip to Bacolod was made early in the evenings, while the country was in a hurry. travel back. At that time, the Manila government built the level of accident warning to the highest level and was asked to dispose of aircraft for safety reasons.

Thailand came to Bacolod at 13:30 pm (local time).

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