AFF Cup 2018: Philippine's basic game for Thailand


Register of Chup 2018 AFF: Thailand's basic Philippines games - Picture 1.

After three walks, the six points in Thailand and the Philippines (just two games) are then split into a & # 39; first two positions but the defense initiatives stand on the top of the page; board. So, 90% of winners who have a live game will have a & # 39; get a final.

This is very difficult to predict because the strength of both teams is very spectacular. But, Thai higher education experts.

In the last two games, although he does not give the team the best but still high level. They play well and do not have to spend too much time in East Timor and Indonesia.

Despite this, despite the players' possession the same level is not achieved but the Philippines are not linked to the game. If the stones are unique as the two recent games, Filipin has almost all the best results ahead of Thailand.

However, home fans can greatly anticipate the progress of the Philippines because they are led by Sven-Goran Eriksson, a Swedish prime engineer.

The other game was held at the same time, Sinagpore welcomes East Timor (VTV5, K + PM, VTC9 THTT) at home. It is hoped that Fandi Ahmad's teacher coach will have a strong benefit.

Thailand to determine the level of excellenceThailand to determine the level of excellence

The dream that won the AFF Cup for the first time in Indonesia (lost 2, 1 benefit) was almost away. And this affirms Thailand's higher level.

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