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VIDEO: Thailand 4-2 Indonesia

Knowledge of Vietnamese creatures from Thailand's lesson

In an effort to negotiate Vietnam's Federation of Football Federation and the airline companies, the Park Hang-teacher has been leading to Bacolod Town to make final bi-lingual conclusions.

Talk about the triple trip trip to Bacolod, we need to mention Thailand. Milovan Rajevac troops accessed Baile Bacolod just in time for heavy rain Hurricane Toraji.

She arrived in Manila on the morning of 19/11, but Thailand needed to stay here one night to avoid the storm when the airplane was delayed late. Up until the mid-day of September, Thailand came to the Seda hotel.

Coach Milovan Rajevac just maintains and eats; going down to the station's newsroom. Thai players have been round 24 hours to know about the playground and the water that Typhoon Toraji caused on a day; game.

The current context is uninterrupted to meet Vietnam's professional coach professional requirements. Things were good for visitors after Usagi had passed and the weather in Bacolod was very enjoyable.

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10h today VFF sales open 20,000 Vietnam tickets – Philippines

General Secretary Le Hoai Anh said VFF is expected to sell 40-50% of tickets (equivalent to 20,000 tickets) through online tickets at four locations:; Next to the and

To buy tickets, visitors to one of the sites above and pay at home ATM, credit card … Everyone can only buy one trip with ID / Citizenship card, the largest number of tickets for 1 ticket / order 4 to the same value value. Vietnam – Philippines's game tickets have four faces: 200-300-400-500 miles.

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