AFF Cup AFF, Vietnam A phone should be avoided in Thailand & # 39; final?


Thursday, November 22, 18 00:05 AM (GMT + 7)

With a complex event in the AFF Group B 201 2018 Cup, should Vietnam try to face any opponent in the final?

Video Games Philippines – Thailand: (Clip Clip to NextMedia, broadcast on VTC):

Links AFF Cup 2018 entering the decision-making level of ticket warehouses; going to the finals. So far, this Hang Park Park teacher is the only team in the AFF Cup who has promised to give an ambition. After three tours, Vietnam Phone is the second place in Group A with 7 points after two advantages, one draw and sent 5 visitors.

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Vietnam is poor before Myanmar

Theoretically, Vietnam should have a strong influence in Cambodia to live in; highest group A. Even though Myanmar does not have a & # 39; affecting Malaysia, Vietnam must have a & # 39; win at least the main point (this ability is not small).

If there is no "seismic" in Kuala Lumpur, Myanmar can win its game, while & # 39; in Vietnam Phone but to & # 39; The smallest effect that was held or lost in Cambodia. But this is very low and just for those with the most imaginative imagination.

So, it is not difficult to see Vietnam has a very clear door for gold, Group A to win if Camboigh wins the Hang Do's garden. But if Vietnam's Phone is registered in the final of the group, we will meet Thailand – the best candidate for its & # 39; AFF Cup 2018 broadcasting?

Can not avoid Thailand?

In a game that did not finish long ago, Thailand just transmitted 1-1 ahead of the Philippines. This did look at Group B equivalent to Group A, with the top 7 points (Thailand, Philippines) and the 3rd team putting 6 points (Singapore).

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Vietnam phone is crowned A Group

Therefore, Vietnam's opponents will be determined only after the series of "Deaths" of Group B. In theory, Thailand may have been sent if it is # 39 ; call Singapore to be at home and that the Scots are at home; least. 1 point.

If it's an appealing event, Thailand will be a key player if the Philippines win the team to eliminate Indonesia. If this happens, Thailand met Vietnam's right at the 2018 AFF Cup final.

But nothing important, although Group B is finishing with the script, Vietnam Phone will not have a choice because Table A does; conclude before Table B one day. So, only teams in Thailand, Singapore, Philippines have been able to prove the challenge of the opponent.

In terms of Vietnam, it will still be the ultimate goal of winning the high level, and this would have to be done by the teacher's teacher park Park Hang Seo. This will help Vietnam to confirm the strength, status and bravery of a solicitor's advocate.

Even more importantly, the A group's roof will be played to play; The first final step in the home, and My Dinh Stadium is ready to go out again to help with this Hang Park Park teacher to record in the final.

Statistics of four games between Vietnam – Cup of Thailand AFF semi-final:

1996: Thailand 4-2 Vietnam

1998: Thailand 0-3 Vietnam

2002: Thailand 4-0 Vietnam

2007: Thailand 2-0 Vietnam

Producing the two AFF 2018 AAF:

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Vietnam coach coach: Coach Park Park This is a quest on grass

Vietnamese telecoms are in the last position in Myanmar before the country is ready for a fight in Cambodia.

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