AFF Cup Asian newspaper praised the two HAGL stars from Vietnam


VIDEO: Emphasize Vietnam 2-0 Malaysia

Vietnam's football has begun to make a favorable start in the AFF Cup 2018. After receiving a & # 39; battle when the guests were on Laos park, this Hang-teaching teacher succeeded in winning 3 points when Malaala was achieved with the 2-0 score before he welcomed four thousand people. watch the "fire pan" My Dinh.

Malaysia is the style and techniques of this Park Hang-coach coach. Although membership is only 34% of the time, but Vietnam's players have a strong defensive system and the opponent always exploits opportunities. It can be said that the entire Vietnam Phone team has done a great deal of work, however, as some people are still more visible. In a study of Fox Sports Asia, two reins of HAGL in Vietnam squad, Cong Phuong and Xuan Truong, gave revision.

"With the knowledge gathered in Japan and Korea, Cong Phuong and Xuan Truong are expected to have the highest two Vietnamese football stars. Meet those goals, but to the AFF Cup 2018, they have proven their talents and class.

Xuan Truong is the commander in the middle-middle with his & # 39; able to co-ordinate the ball well. At the same time, Cong Phuong is singing clearly in an attack area. He is the ones who launched the slots and England's 2-0 shot twice for Vietnam against Malaysia, and also set their two stages in the competition this year.

In fact, with Spring School to restore some of its image, with a repeat to & # 39; Congregation, Park Hang-this shows that he is always familiar with the best one in hand Cong Phuong returns to the team's "nuclear" position, and Xuan Truong is a & # 39; joins Quang Hai to become a hub of South Korea's best strategic leader.

The way forward in the AFF Cup is still very long and there are difficult challenges, but with the styling of the column columns in the team, Hang-coaches as well as Vietnam fans have added. I hope the second time Vietnam has risen up to the South East Asian football football.

At the moment, Vietnam's Vietnamese Phone is preparing for its game with the Myanmar guest on November 20.

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