AFF Cup Gold Medal


Friday 11/11/2018 00:08 AM (GMT + 7)

The Vietnamese team to "chameleon" when they win "beautiful" or "bad" according to scenarios under the "witch" Park Hang Seo.

Vietnam – Malaysia game (New Media, Rights broadcast on VTC)

From Chupa AFF 2008, Vietnam Team I can not stand the glory again. The last two South East Asian friends, Vietnam across the level of the group but valued in the finals.

Vietnam Phone & # 34; Seo Hang Park: Cup AFF - 1 gold

Vietnam "Bitter" bitter "last" in the last final AIF Cup finalists

In 2014, Van Quyet and Huy Toan helped Vietnam to " The first 2-1 was outside the Malaya field, but then the 2-4 team lost the right to the My Dinh Estate for disqualification.

Two years later, two late destinations with Van Thanh and Vu Minh Tuan could not help Vietnam to go to; revert Indonesia to return back and lose a 4-3 final. The generalization of these two losses is that Gabriel Tan of Fox Sports Asia ends with "innocent" words.

"Vietnam always shows the ability to play creative attacks but are very natural, that is why they fall into the final Final Cup AFF when they face face-to-face challenges. "

However, the Vietnam team's year-round competition has changed and there is great thanks to Park Coach Seo. The Korean teacher blows a new generation for the team, passionate but is not as uncertain.

Vietnam Phone & # 34; Seo Hang Park: AFF Cup gold - 2

Duc Duc, Cong Phuong is a tall style under the direction of coach Hang Seo Park

The Vietnamese team is currently in & # 39; getting a pretty bio attack The Duchess, though he has been over 30 years old; age, still have a first choice with a & # 39; ability to gut and its & # 39; Getting to know the game next to Chong Phuong, the U19 star is now "big" under a keen guide. Hang Seo Park coach.

Both had two heads after their first two games at the AFF Cup in 2018. "The Xuan Truong Knockout also showed the quality of protection with better protection than in the past. That is the detriment of a furniture teacher.

Another special point from the Hang Seo Park coach was that the Vietnam team turned into "chameleon". The firearms can play a flame as in a game with Laos but they can also make an uncomfortable defense attack with Malaysia. It is important, although he is still playing well, although he is "changing".

In the last game against Myanmar, the Vietnamese team even had a " giving death less than the opponent (47%) but the level of his / her; pass right and the larger scenes. There are 11 scenes (5 beat) in the opposition against Vietnam against the 6 (2) opponent's opponent and if he was fortunate with more than one, Hang Hang's tutor teacher was able to leave with 3 points.

It can be said that the "evolution" is from the Asian borders 23 to ASIAD and now AFF Cup. Salvation teachers continue to develop the best game that suits Vietnam. Experience of daily unrest with knowledge and pity.

It is a team that is capable of fighting the team that is capable of fighting the team. winning "beautiful" with many goals as well as winning "ugly" with enough games. Vietnam has been possessing its & # 39; This is why the staff of Park Hang coach here are okay to be able to go. dream about the second league competition area.

Vietnam - Malaysia: Chong Phuong competition, 3 credible points (AFF Cup)

Vietnam phone to Malaysia in My Dinh is an important game record A.

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