AFF Cup Hang Coach is a favorite to Van Toan's goal?


Video: Vietnam Training after Myanmar's battle (source: VFF)

77 minutes against Myanmar, Van Toan The last goal to bring the ball into the enemy's nets, but the referee of the offside flag of Vietnam and Vietnam traveled an unlucky phone with the 0-0 score. A decision to strive to a controversial referee, a series of international newspapers has said it is a big mistake. Even the fans of the national team of Myanmar, they also have a " including the legitimate Van Toan aims.

It is known that Phubes Lekpha from Thailand was in the referee's flag outside Van Toan. As a result of former president, Khamis Al-Marri Qatar's superintendent, he decided to strive for Vietnam's striped goals.

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Coach Park Hang said that he was honoring the referee's decision, but South Choir's supervisor could appeal to the AFF Cup committee on a situation outside Van To . Park is divided, "I respect the referee's decision, but after checking the Van Toan situation, if the referee is not the right, I will choose to the AFC Cup".

Judge van Toan, Phubes Lekpha has just been an international role since 2018. We know that the 0-0 game of Myanmar marks the second time it is over the international range.

He can not affect Myanmar, but at least Vietnam Telephone It is still a very clear door to go to the AFF Cup semi-finals in 2018. Due to & # 39; Last game to welcome Cambodia, Hang Seo Park team is not coach but has to pull but it's definitely a ticket to go. In the worst case of the & # 39; Missing to Cambodia, a parent of this Hang Park teacher also has the opportunity to lose Myanmar on Malaysia.

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