AFF Cup Malayach newspaper crystal & # 39; because Vietnam Myanmar is peaceful


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The 0-0 attraction of the Vietnam team on the Myanmar section recently attracted a great surprise to the professionals. Unlike the foreword, Myanmar has given many problems to Hang Seo Park, a teacher's teacher and to preserve a final point. This means that the Malalais is a Feeling dissatisfied since before, Malaiais got a 2-0 win for the Vietnam team.

On Berita Harian's page, Syafiq Aznan's pen did not hide their pleasure. The article is published by the title & The Malaysian team is able to top the A & win.


So, the author said that the chance to win the highest organization is still open to the tigers in the southeast of Asia when Vietnam and Myanmar are experiencing; hand in hand in Yangon. At the end of the game, both teams had seven points, and the Tan Cheng Hoe team was behind six points.

The team of Tan Cheng Hoe will be hitting Myanmar at home and at home; finishing the final. The high profile can be in the hands of the Malayis team in case Cambodia can hold a Vietnam team in the & # 39; final, & wrote Berita Harian.


In Group A, Myanmar is first ranked by 7 points, followed by the Vietnam team with the only score but lost in the score. In the final, Malaysia Mana will be hosting Myanmar on the Bukit Jalil product crash with the eight-thousand thousand observers hopes to break the dream of the final awards of Myanmar team.

If you win three points against the opponent, 9 Malaysian points will be open to the final. However, the Tigers in south-east Asia can end their first visit or not according to what; the effect of his & her; game between Vietnam and Cambodia.

Malaysian is now hoping that Cambodia will expect them to be involved in a game on Tuesday that will be the best. take place on 24 November. In that case, Vietnam will have 8 points and move forward to the second record. In the case of Vietnam that won the Hang Dieu garden, Park Hang Seo parent-coach has 10 points and hopes to avoid the strongest team of Malaysia B.

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