AFF Cup: Park & ​​Park Hang-This can complain about Van Toan's "robbed"


Park Coach Hang has a right-to complain about Van Toan's goal to go to; pushing the VFF, not saving the results, but for the benefit of the speed.

By page Zing, Coid Hang Park has the right to complain to the AZ Suzuki Cup 2018 team, if the team was wrong outside and rejected the goals of Nguyen Van Toan in Myanmar – Vietnam (final 0 -0) a few days ago.

In particular, there was a 77 minute game on the Tunnel, Van Toan was the buffer in the & # 39; a member behind her ball after Nguyen Quang Hai was shot. The member goes into the net but the referee is a n; expand its offside flag.

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Van Toan was able to be a hero on Vietnam Phone if the referee is more specific.

To say this, the game is the most spectacular in the game, because it directly affects the final result. The referee Khamis Al-Marri has become very confident as his assistant Phubes Lekpha, a Thai player, and so he did not recognize the goals and he has been able to, win tickets.

"I always respect the referee's decision. However, after reviewing this situation if the referee makes the wrong decision , complain to the AFF Cup organizers, "- said Park Hang-co coach after game.

Indeed, the slow movement is then showing the warrior born in 1996 without being near yet. And, many experts agree with this scene when Van Toan is lower than Myanmar's final defender.

News conference on Vietnam to meet with Malaysia 15/11
Coaches can draw a park for the benefit of Vietnam in the next round.

The score was not reinforced, the score was set and the appeals did not result in their game results, but a coach Park would still request the VFF to complain to the MOF.

The reason is that the Korean state wants BTC to carry out a detailed scrutiny of the referee's work after its This visit, to eliminate people who are often wrong; At the same time, the valuation and selection of the "black king" have been good for both the round and the last. In these trips, not just Park and Vietnam, but no team wants to be spoiled … the referee's knowledge.

In short, there is still another game in Vietnam at AQU Suzuki Cup group. Park Coach Park Hang-this will host Chambodia at home on 19h30 on 24/11. We need to win a good product for going on, or better The Angkor Warriors to win its main place.

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