AFF Suzuki Cup 2018: Heavy rain water, Vietnamese professionals need to be set


Minh Tien-Trong Dat (VNA / Vietnam +)

11/18/2018 20:36 GMT + 7

The Vietnamese players were marked after they had successfully visited Chong Phuong (No. 14) in the 11th minute of the popular Vietnam game and Malaysia. (Photograph: Trong Dat / VNA)

This is a & # 39; The first time Vietnam had on its & # 39; Their first training session in Myanmar from 16:00 to 18:30 on the afternoon of November 18, but when the entire team arrived at the Thuwunna Stadium courtyard, he suddenly made water.

There is a coach associated with the unauthorized force of Park Hang Seo to delay the use of the team to about 50 minutes.

When Vietnam's players just stepped out of the water. The players gave heavy rain to winter.

Due to the only training area of ​​the corridor with the roof above its & wind blowing water from both sides. When there was no water, the roof was not secure, water was pouring water. Hang Park This coach asked all the players to take the bus to water.

Fortunately, despite heavy water, but the training area of ​​the training area is very effective, just minutes after the water, 16 hours 50 minutes, Vietnamese players can return to their & garden to start the training session. my own.

This is the first training session that is also one of the two training sessions of the Vietnam team. Preparing for a determined game against Myanmar, so it's compulsory to have a & # 39; Instead of the smallest step but it is not turned off.

But due to lack of light, the training time was substantially abbreviated and after 20 minutes of work, reporters were asked to leave the training area as ordered.

After several days of training with muscle muscles, Huy Hung returned to normal training with his teams, a good newsletter; with this Park Hang coach here and the whole Vietnamese team.

[Cổ động viên Việt Nam được dành 2.400 vé xem trận Myanmar-Việt Nam]

Getting more Huy Hung, Park Hang Seo a coach a & # 39; get more choice for the upcoming wineries of the Vietnam team as the midfielder.

The Vietnamese team training session at Thuwunna stop training course ends after more than an hour.

There are no problems of weather conditions, affecting the spirit of Vietnam team competition but a Hang Park coach. Here is a reason to worry when there is little preparation for a timetable.

Information about Myanmar competitors will be notified only with video tape and Vietnam media can not access the training of the host team with closed requirements, without any exceptions.

At his press release after Laos in the second round, Myanmar co-ordinator, Antoine Hey, confidently said: "We have delivered games after each other. I can not & # 39; understand why Myanmar players started to start so slowly in the first half.

This is undoubtedly something that we do not want, the team will be able to sort out this problem. Anyway, with innovative developments, we got back back and won. The score is still very important.

With two advantages, we are ready to entertain the Vietnam team on a home range in the next game. "./.

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