AFF Suzuki Cup 2018: Is Bima Sakti responsible for an attack in India or is Luis Milla the one?


Indonesia defeated their second loss in three matches in the Suzuki AFF Cup – a 4-2 call to protect Thailandian battles quickly away from the competition. But who is responsible for a & # 39; their performance?

Bima Sakti, formerly an international india and assistant to the company Luis Milla; Previously, the obligation to do & # 39; The finalists are shown finalists before the Suzuki AFF Cup begins. The reason behind his office, which now looks unplanned or badly done at his / her. At least, Milla had been missing after revision of the contract.

The Spanish, played for Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​expanded one year after the Asian Games 2018. However, he did not report on the date dated 9 November, which was extended later each week, and Indonesian Indonesian, PSSI, gave the degree to his duties.

Bima, at first, had received support from the followers who believed in her; their own player. However, after Suzuki's AFF Cup dance, they turned against him and they wanted him out. Okay, so the fans have not left a stone without supporting them to support their national team and they will be out of numbers again on the ' November 25 when Indonesia is a? Gelora Bung Karno's welcome to Philippines in Jakarta.

On the other hand, the team's performance has been terrible. But can we continue to keep Bima as the only one involved in the Garuda exhibition? Maybe not. The 42-year-old has no special knowledge of training but being a supporter for Milla. It only has the AFC license, which is worthy of just for the teams and young youth clubs.

So, maybe it's not a good decision to do; on the part of the PSSI to take the lead coach as big as this but a fortnight before the start of the Suzuki AFF Cup. If Bima received an additional month or two, where he had the opportunity to plan the team according to their needs, then it could be completely blamed for the situation.

Milla should also carry some of the blames when he turned his back on the right side before one of the most important competitions in the calendar.

Whatever happens, the team is now in fragile situations where they need to rely on the results of other B Group buildings to allow the last four to come before the group level comes to eventually against the Azkals.

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